Membership or Donation?

What is a membership? What is a donation? How do they differ?

CVTA views a membership as an indication of your continuing support for our trails and activities. Memberships are valid for one year from the date of inception and are renewable. As described in our Fall/Winter 2018 newsletter, membership comes with certain benefits. We have several membership levels, all of which are described on our website.

Donations, on the other hand are one time monetary pledges to support CVTA and fall into one of several categories, such as a General Donation, our Year-End-Campaign, or a Tribute Donation.

Both memberships and donations are considered “donations” by the IRS and since CVTA is a a 501(c)(3) Nevada nonprofit organization, these contributions may be tax deductible.

There is actually another way of supporting CVTA, one that does not involve any additional money. By making a monetary contribution through our web site, and using PayPal or a credit card instead of mailing a check, you will save us time. And of course, time is money!

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Thanks for your support!