Get involved – Join the CVTA Board!

    The Carson Valley Trails Association seeks dedicated individuals to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors. Individuals with a strong personal commitment to CVTA and a desire to contribute to the continued success of the organization are invited to apply to serve on the CVTA Board. Please take a moment to review the following information before completing the application.


    Mission Statement: The Carson Valley Trails Association is a volunteer based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization working with partners to provide access to public lands through a recreational trail system for present and future generations to enjoy.

    Vision: Connecting people to the outdoors through a system of trails.

    Values: The values that form the foundation upon which Carson Valley Trails Association, its members and associated partnerships commit to and operate from are:

    – Honor and Celebrate: CVTA honors and celebrates volunteers, who are the heart and soul of the organization.
    – Collaboration: CVTA recognizes the importance of partnering with agencies and organizations with similar missions and actively works to increase the organization’s capacity by continuing current collaborations and identifying new partners.
    – Efficiency and Integrity: CVTA applies common sense and good judgment, using contributions and resources to effectively and efficiently achieve goals in order to ensure accountability to stakeholders.
    – Stewardship: CVTA is committed to planning and caring for trails, using education and publicity to build greater community awareness and involvement.


    CVTA is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose members are elected to serve three year terms. The Board as a whole is responsible for eight roles that are essential to the success of the organization:

    – Determining the organization’s mission and purpose.
    – Ensuring effective planning.
    – Ensuring that all activities are consistent with and in alignment with CVTA’s Strategic Plan.
    – Ensuring adequate financial resources.
    – Protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight.
    – Building a competent board.
    – Ensuring legal and ethical integrity.
    – Enhancing CVTA’s public standing.


    The CVTA Board of Directors is a working board with no paid staff to provide support. If elected to the CVTA Board of Directors, you are expected to:

    – Attend and be an active participant at monthly board meetings.
    – Provide volunteer support for a minimum of 3 CVTA events or activities per year.
    – Actively participate on one or more board committees.
    – Become familiar with CVTA’s mission and strategic plan.
    – Review the agenda, financial report and other board meeting materials prior to attending CVTA board meetings.
    – Support CVTA’s fundraising activities and events. If possible, make a personal financial contribution to CVTA in addition to your annual membership dues. Your in-kind donation of volunteer time is as valuable as monetary contributions.
    – Take advantage of opportunities to inform others about CVTA.
    – Suggest possible nominees for the CVTA board who can make a significant contribution to the organization.
    – Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities.

    Members of the CVTA Board of Directors are selected through an application process. Anyone with an interest in serving on the on the Board is invited to submit an application. All applications will be reviewed by a CVTA committee that will recommend candidates for nomination. New Board members can be elected at any regular CVTA Board of Directors meeting.

    If you are interested in being nominated to the CVTA Board of Directors, please fill out the form below and we will follow up with you. Nominations are ongoing and we invite interested CVTA members to apply.

    5 hours or less6 to 10 hours11 to 15 hours15 or more hours