Snakes, snakes, snakes!

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    Carlo Luri

    Sorry – I know they have their place in nature but I hate snakes. Please be extra careful on the lower part of Clear Creek trail (from Jack’s Valley to the treeline). Riding downtrail in the early evening past one of the rock outcroppings last night I heard the unmistakable rattle of one of our local residents. The next person down took a photo of what appeared to be a 3′ snake and was able to warn others.

    Please be extra careful especially around corners where you might not have a clear view of the trail.


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    Barbara Graham

    Hiking this afternoon on the Fay-Luther/ Jobs Canyon trail and heard and saw a coiled rattlesnake at the area where the water comes down from the mountain – probably 1 mile from Fay-LUther trailhead – there is more water on the trail this year and apparently this rattler wanted to take a bath…my dogs probably alerted it but they were appropriately freaked out – and so was I! Have hiked around here 32 years and never encountered a rattler on the trail before!

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    Nikki Reynolds

    I run trails often and my friend and I have seen 5 snakes so far this spring. That’s more than we usually see in an entire year. The rattler we saw on the Carson Valley trails system was on the Sierra Canyon Trail about two miles above the intersection with the Discovery Trail. I’ve heard people say they’re not up high but they obviously are! Be careful going through shady sections in the middle of the day.

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