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October 2022

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  • Carson Valley Trails Fest
  • CVTA Board Meeting
James Lee Park. Live Music, Food & Beverage Trucks, Silent Auction and more family fun!  Click here for details.

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

The photo above was one of the first I had taken early one morning along the River Fork Ranch Trail shortly following our move to the valley from South Florida. Although I have returned to that exact spot countless times, I have not been able to recapture that image. It’s a vivid example of why taking a moment to get out and explore our Carson Valley trails is so special to me. 
This year is my second as Carson Valley Trails Association (CVTA) President. Volunteering my time and service has been and continues to be a pleasure. CVTA’s mission is Connecting People to the Outdoors Through a System of Trails. We’re proud to say that our trails now total more than 54 miles. Is our mission fulfilled? We think not. Just as our community in the Carson Valley is expanding, so must we.
CVTA has begun an expansion project for the Clear Creek trail system. The effort is spearheaded by our VP of Trails Operations Jeremy Vlcan and our amazing team of volunteers. When complete, their efforts will yield an additional eight (8) miles of scenic, sustainable, and fun to walk/ride trail! This trail system, like most other CVTA trails, is built and maintained on public lands managed by governmental agencies such as the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. For the Clear Creek Trail expansion, it has taken 8 years to achieve final government approval.
If our Carson Valley community desires more open spaces, more access to public land, and more trails for hiking, biking and equestrian riding, then our organization must continue to grow. This requires us to expand upon our CVTA donor, membership and volunteer base as well as collaboration with other like-minded organizations and businesses. If we merely maintain the status quo while the community around us grows, our voice may not necessarily be representative for the community, and we run the risk of perhaps being misconstrued as just a very nice club.
This past year, I have spent substantial time collaborating with many of our not-for-profit community peers. Jan Vandermade, Executive Director of the Carson Valley Visitors Authority; Jen Nalder, Executive Director of Main Street Gardnerville; Morgan Steel, Executive Director of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA); Lynda McDowell, the very first Executive Director of TRTA; and Duane Petite, former Project Director of The Nature Conservancy have all volunteered countless hours of their time while sharing ideas, past experiences and guidance. Similarly, several of our CVTA board members regularly attend other organizations’ meetings and activities such as the Eastern Sierra Trails Coalition with the purpose of fostering collaboration and advancing CVTA’s mission.
Our CVTA board recently formed an Emeritus Program to honor and celebrate exceptional past board members for their high achievements and years of service. I am pleased to announce that Mary Bennington, Lorilyn Chitwood, and Barbara Slade are our first inductees into the program. Each of them played a critical role in the development of CVTA’s earlier trails. I look forward to meeting with them and discussing CVTA’s future.
CVTA has taken large strides this past year to lay the foundation for future growth. I thank you all for your continuing support!  

“There must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls – food and drink is not all.”
– John Muir

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest’s Carson Ranger District has issued the final decision for the Clear Creek Extension and Jacks Valley Loop Trails project. The proposed action includes building approximately 8.1 miles of new non-motorized single-track trail, decommissioning around 4.65 miles of user-created trails, and installing trail signage.

See the News Release for  more details. 

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September 30th, 6:00 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
CVTA volunteer Erica here again with tip #2 for female adventurers!If you choose to adventure solo, definitely tell someone where you’re going, including:-Parking location-Your approximate route-Estimated finish timeIf you use smart devices like the apple iPhone or a Garmin watch you can share your location with loved ones or use live tracking so they can find you. If your device requires a cell connection to show your location, you will at least provide them with your last known location prior to going off grid if anything happens. See MoreSee Less
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September 29th, 6:00 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Hi! I’m Erica and I’m a CVTA volunteer and I regularly contribute to our page here on Facebook. I’m also a solo female adventurer. People have told me to NEVER hike or explore alone. However, for me that’s just not practical. I have an unusual work schedule and I can’t always recruit friends to join me for a long mountain bike ride, trail run or other adventure.I’m not the type of person to let that stop me. Instead, I try to be smart and safe. Over the years I’ve cultivated a list of things I do to stay safe. Over the next several days I’ll share those tips here on our page.The info I provide isn’t meant to scare or discourage you from recreating solo. In contrast…it’s meant to give you the skills and the awareness to successfully tackle any outdoor pursuit you want as a solo female. I hope these tips help you feel confident and safe on your outdoor adventures!TIP #1: Situational awarenessOne of the most valuable tools you have is your situational awareness, or, knowing what is going on around you. Criminals target individuals who seem scared, timid or oblivious to their surroundings. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people and/or animals in them. Awareness gives you the ability to change course if something up ahead doesn’t look right. Try to maintain awareness even in situations where you are uncertain. For example, even if you don’t know where you’re going don’t look lost! Walk, hike or ride with confidence so you don’t look like an easy target. Do you practice situational awareness on a daily basis? See MoreSee Less
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September 27th, 9:57 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Mark your calendar for our first ever Carson Valley Trails Fest! #carsonvalleytrails #gardnervillenv #gardnervillenevada #mindennv #carsoncity #mountainbiking #gardnerville #hiking #carsonvalleynv #carsonvalleynevada See MoreSee Less
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September 23rd, 12:46 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Want to spend some time in the fresh air and sunshine tomorrow? We have a trail work day tomorrow, Sept 23, starting at 830am on the Pinyon Trail!Saturday, Sept. 24th – Meet at the Pinyon Trailhead. Wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, work gloves, hiking shoes and sunglasses. Bring lunch and water.Help us keep our trail beautiful! See MoreSee Less
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September 22nd, 6:00 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Fall is officially here! Happy fall solstice! What’s your favorite local trail for seeing the fall colors? We love these trees along the Jobs Peak Ranch Trail See MoreSee Less
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September 21st, 6:03 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Less than one month away from our big event! #carsonvalley #mindennv #gardnervillenv #carsonvalleynv #carsonvalleynevada #carsonvalleytrails #gardnervillenevada See MoreSee Less
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September 20th, 6:00 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
CVTA is hard at work beautifying our local trails, including plans to revamp our kiosks at all trailheads!Ever wanted to contribute to our mission? Become a member or volunteer today! See MoreSee Less
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September 20th, 2:11 pm

Carson Valley Trails Association
Mark your calendars for the Carson Valley Trails Association Fest, happening on October 15th! Now that their amazing volunteers have completed the Jacks Valley Loop of the Clear Creek Trail, trail users can now travel from the Carson Valley to Spooner Summit – over 21 miles of trail! To celebrate this accomplishment, they’ve planned the first annual Carson Valley Trails Fest. This public event will be part trail dedication, part thank you, and part block party with live music, food trucks, and fun activities for kids and families. See MoreSee Less
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