Trails for Hiking

Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or an intense workout, Carson Valley Trails offers a variety of options with gorgeous views. All trails are carefully maintained and well-marked with clear mileage options and most are dog friendly.

Carry water especially during summer and when hiking open terrain. See trail details for natural water sources.

Easy to Moderate Hiking

Easy 2.6 mi. roundtrip

Fairly level paved trail between Genoa and Walley’s Hot Springs Resort.  This trail is maintained by the Town of Genoa.

Easy 4 mi. roundtrip and .7 mi loop

Flat hiking with panoramic views of the Carson Valley and wildlife that gathers along the Carson River.

Dogs are not allowed due to protected wildlife area.

Easy 1 mi. of trail

A flat trail nearly one mile long, leads you to an overlook of the Carson River with panoramic views of the surrounding Carson Valley. Often muddy after rain/snow events.

Dogs are not allowed due to protected wildlife area.

Easy with many shorter trails to connect

Both trailheads (Fay-Luther & Jobs Peak Ranch) begin with open terrain continuing gradually upward into a pine forest on the foothills of the Sierra. Be aware that parts of this trail system are very popular with equestrians.

Easy 5.2 mi round trip including 3 mi. loop

Constant grand views of the Carson Range and Pine Nut Range. There are some muddy and icy areas late fall through early spring after rain/snow storms. 


The Jacks Valley Loop, James Lee Loops and lower Clear Creek Trail are easy hikes in open sagebrush habitat. North of the Jacks Valley Road Trailhead, the trail becomes more moderate climbing into pine forest connecting to the Tahoe Rim Trail. Be aware that these trails are very popular with mountain bikers.

Moderate 6.5 mi.

For an easier hike, begin at the Eagle Ridge Trailhead for shorter out-and-back hike with excellent views. Steeper terrain begins where you connect with the Sierra Canyon Trail. Creating a loop involves roads between trailheads.

Intense / Steep Hiking

Intense 20 mi roundtrip

Steep grade and 3800 ft of elevation gain take you from the foothills of Genoa to top of the Sierras on the East side of Lake Tahoe. Connects with the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Moderate to Intense 8.2 mi.

This trail is an excellent workout complete with gorgeous views. The 2 mi start at Genoa Canyon Trailhead involves significant elevation gain and excellent views of the Genoa area.