CVTA Supporters

CVTA thanks everyone who has supported CVTA over the years, either through membership, donations, grant funding or volunteering.


Membership dues are a vital source of steady funding that supports CVTA’s mission of creating and maintaining a recreational trail system in the Carson Valley. We thank all past members and continue to thank all current members for your continued support!


We are grateful to all of the individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations that have kindly supported the CVTA mission. The following donors have provided substantial support over the past several years:

Bingham Charitable Fund – Community Foundation of Western Nevada
Carson Valley Inn
Sara and Ed Groenendyke
Joanne and Art Hall
Knights of Columbus Council 12845
Betsy and David Lewis
Kate and John Pifer
Dan Rowe, MD
Sierra Pacific/NV Energy
Timken-Sturgis Foundation
Kerstin and Charles Wolle

Special Funds and Donations:
Bill Hay Trail Design Fund
Donations in memory of Yvonne Chen and Sam LeBarron
Donations in memory of Ted van Leeuwen


CVTA thanks the following grantors for providing funding for a variety of trail projects. Additional thanks to the CVTA members who have spent thousands of hours applying for, administering and carrying out these grants:

Nevada Division of State Parks (2012). Funded by the Nevada Recreational Trails Program, this grant funded partial construction of the Clear Creek Trail.

National Environmental Education Foundation (2012). This “Every Day Event Grant” funded 3 trail events designed to “connect the community to the public lands CVTA serves.”

National Environmental Education Foundation (2011). This grant funded a series of leadership training workshops facilitated by professional trainers to help CVTA develop its organizational capacity and sustainability.

National Park Service (2009). Service assistance grant to help coordinate and facilitate meetings with targeted public and private stakeholders to help implement trail projects.

Nevada Division of State Lands (2008). With funds provided through the Question 1 program, this grant funded a majority of the Genoa Trail System, including trail and trailhead construction, bridge and trail signage.

Nevada Division of State Parks (2008). Funded by the Nevada Recreational Trails Program, this grant funded interpretive signs on the Fay-Luther Trail System and a portion of the trail/trailhead signage.

American Hiking Society (2008). This National Trails Fund grant funded a portion of the trail signage and trailhead maps for the Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System.


CVTA thanks the many community and CVTA volunteers who have donated thousands of hours of their time to create the Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System, The Bently Heritage Trail, Genoa Trail System, Clear Creek Trail and Pinyon Trail.