The Carson Valley Trails Association (CVTA), established in 1994, is a non-profit, volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. This five-year strategic plan helps guide the mission and direction of the organization through 2029. This plan is a direct result of past public workshops, interviews with key stakeholders and intercept surveys with trail users

Carson Valley Trails Association
Strategic Plan Overview

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CVTA Mission

The Carson Valley Trails Association is a nonprofit, volunteer based organization working with partners to provide public access through a recreational trail system for present and future generations to enjoy.


Connecting people to the outdoors through a system of trails.


Honor and Celebrate: We honor and celebrate our volunteers – they are the heart and soul of our organization.

Collaboration: We work with the Carson Valley community and respect its people, their cultures, and private property rights. We recognize the importance of partnering with agencies and organizations with similar missions. We aim to maintain and build strong relationships by continuing our current collaborations, and identifying various public, private and nonprofit entities as new partners.

Efficiency and Integrity: We apply common sense and good judgement to our work. We use contributions and resources to effectively and efficiently achieve our goals. We ensure accountability to our stakeholders by measurably demonstrating our accomplishments.

Stewardship: We are committed to honoring the CVTA mission by planning, building, and caring for our trails, and maintaining CVTA as a strong, viable organization that supports a trail system for present and future generations to enjoy. We aim to build greater community involvement through publicity and education, thus empowering a future generation of responsible trail users.

Strategic Directions

The strategic directions are broad goals that will guide the Strategic Plan towards achieving the Carson Valley Trails Association Vision and Mission.

Strategic Direction 1 – ACCESS/TRAILS 

Facilitate a system of trails that are easily accessible and maintained

Strategic Direction 2 – OUTREACH

Increase awareness of CVTA through public events, partnerships, community involvement, technology, and publicity.

Strategic Direction 3 – RESOURCES

Obtain sufficient resources in terms of funding, technology, and volunteers to ensure CVTA goals are met.

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