Trails for Biking

While most trails are open to bikes, a few favorites based on ridership are Lower Clear Creek, Upper Clear Creek and the Pinyon Trail. Riders looking for a serious lung buster can head up the steeper Genoa System trails. All trails are single track with a lot of side-hill riding and mostly smooth surfaces – nothing too technical here. Please be cautious when coming up on a blind turn and obey rights of way as these are single-track, multi-use trails!

Easy to Moderate Rides (generally in order of popularity)

1. Clear Creek Trail System


The Jacks Valley Loop, James Lee Loops and lower Clear Creek Trail are mostly beginner level rides with little elevation change. As you climb north of Jacks Valley Road, the trail becomes more moderate heading into the pine forest with multiple climbing turns. You can connect with the Tahoe Rim Trail at Spooner Summit.

2. Pinyon Trail

Easy 5.2 mi round trip including 3 mi. loop

Constant grand views of the Carson Range or Pine Nut Range. There are some muddy and icy areas late fall through early spring after rain/snow storms.

3. Eagle Ridge Loop

Moderate 6.5 mi.

Starting at the Sierra Canyon Trailhead, you have a moderate climb for 2 miles but a nice downhill combining the Eagle Ridge Trail and couple miles of roads back to the start.

4. Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System

Easy To Moderate With Many Short Connectors And Loops

The sandy start from the Fay-Luther Trailhead is very loose and hard to ride but after that the trails are fairly easy to moderate and offer a variety of short connectors and loops. Bikes are not allowed between the Valley View Loop and Jobs Peak Ranch Trailhead.

Caution: This is a popular equestrian area. When approaching equestrians, it is best to dismount, make yourself known with a vocal greeting and allow horses to pass. Horses are easily spooked. 

Intense Rides (more physical than technical)

5. Sierra Canyon Trail

Intense 20 mi. roundtrip

8% typical grade and 3800 ft of elevation gain tell you all you need to know. With a shuttle, riding from the Kingsbury North or Spooner Summit Trailheads along the Tahoe Rim Trail is possible.

6. Genoa Loop

Intense 8.2 mi

9% typical grade with lots of tight switchbacks make this a very challenging ride. The first two miles above the Genoa Canyon Trailhead requires strength, skill and caution.