While storms do blanket our valley with snow on occasion, many of our trail systems can offer snow-free conditions throughout parts of the Winter.

  • Bently Heritage Trail System: Often snow free but can be muddy much of this time.
  • Clear Creek Trail System: Typically snow above Knob Point. Below here, snow varies but can be snow free at times. Watch for some muddy sections on the Jacks Valley Loop and James Lee Loops. 
  • Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System: Often snowy but still fairly accessible and well used by hikers. Be cautious of some icy spots.
  • Genoa Trail System: Eagle Ridge Loop has the least amount of snow but can be muddy/snowy after storms with areas around the Sierra Canyon bridge often holding snow.
  • Pinyon Trail: Typically not much snow but the north facing areas do retain snow and can be icy and muddy.
  • River Fork Ranch Trail System: Typically snow-free but muddy much of the time after storms.


Early spring can still bring winter-like storms and snow our valley. Depending on the snowpack, many higher elevations and North-facing trails remain snowy until late spring.

  • Bently Heritage Trail System: Usually snow-free but sections are prone to flooding during storms and spring melt-off.
  • Clear Creek Trail System: Usually no snow below Knob Point and then opening up above here as the season progress. Usually all snow free by June.
  • Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System: Lower exposed sections near the trailheads are likely clear with most of this trail system being completely snow-free by mid-Spring.
  • Genoa Trail System: Usually snow free after May except for the upper mile of Sierra Canyon Trail.
  • Pinyon Trail: Spring is a great time to enjoy the comfortable temperatures. You may find yourself wearing a t-shirt mid-day and still encounter a patch of snow or two on North-facing sections.
  • River Fork Ranch Trail System: is typically snow-free but the meadow often floods during the Spring melt-off.


Bring water regardless of the trails you choose.  As a high-desert climate, big temperature swings from day to night are to be expected. Mornings are always cool and enjoyable.

  • Bently Heritage Trail System: Get out early as this exposed trail can get hot. Thick forbs will grow on parts of the trail system that see limited use along with quickly growing roses and willows.  
  • Clear Creek Trail System: Lowest exposed sections are South-facing and often hot. This is the time to enjoy the forested sections. Upper Clear Creek especially offers comfortable hikes on hot days.
  • Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System: Best to get out early on hot days. Lower exposed sections near the trailheads make for hot start but in about a mile from the Fay-Luther trailhead you’ll be in the shade.
  • Genoa Trail System: Shade is present along most of the trail system but getting out early is still best. Pace yourself and bring plenty of water.
  • Pinyon Trail: Great early or late in the day. Quite hot during the heart of the day with mostly exposed terrain.
  • River Fork Ranch Trail System: Exposed conditions make this a hot trail.  Get
    out at dawn or when the sun falls behind the Carson Range. 


Waning daylight keeps temps cooler for longer. This is an ideal time to enjoy all of our trails with the outside possibility of snow in mid-to-late Fall.

  • Bently Heritage Trail System: Enjoy the cooler temperatures and subtle autumn colors.  Storms can bring muddy conditions.
  • Clear Creek Trail System: Lower Clear Creek Trail is still quite warm in early fall while snow can be common on Upper Clear Creek the closer we get to winter.
  • Fay-Luther/Jobs Peak Ranch Trail System: Lower exposed sections near the trailheads are warm in early fall and all trails are typically clear. Enjoy the valley’s fall colors from the Valley View Loop and Grand View Loop.
  • Genoa Trail System: Enjoy fall colors along the creeks. Snow is expected at higher elevations but often melts rather quickly.
  • Pinyon Trail: Fall is an excellent time to enjoy this exposed trail without excessive heat or snow.
  • River Fork Ranch Trail System: This trail is its driest in early fall with the cottonwoods turning bright yellow as fall progresses. Storms can bring muddy conditions. 

7:07 am4:37 pm PST
Feels like: 43°F
Wind: 3mph WSW
Humidity: 55%
Pressure: 30.26“Hg
UV index: 2